Preferred employee coverage to Cobra

When parting ways from your employer, there are 2 main options for health insurance.  The first is for Cobra and the other is  For those who are unable to receive a subsidy from, our coverage from Health Insurance 2.0 is a superior plan to Cobra.  Cobra health insurance is one of the highest premiums on the health insurance market and is only available for 18 months in most cases.  We offer lower premiums and lower out-of-pocket expenses, equipped with a Medical Billing Specialist who will introduce your coverage to your doctor's office and eliminate any anxiety with your health insurance plan.  We are Health Insurance 2.0!

Better Health Insurance Options Outside of Open Enrollment

When looking for a new health insurance plan, the options on can be limited in both the pricing of the plan and having to only take an HMO network.  For those who want to pursue family and individual PPO plans, we have the best coverage on the market.  Not only will you have access to over 1 million health care providers, but you will also have access to our Medical Billing Specialist who serves as health insurance concierge for your family needs. This is an unmatched benefit that many will choose over Cobra (if leaving your prior employer)!  We are Health Insurance 2.0! Better health Insurance Options outside of Open Enrollment

A preferred Alternative to Cobra

When parting ways from your employer, Cobra health insurance is one option that can be quite pricey.  We offer alternatives to Cobra plans that lower premiums by about 20%, lower the out-of-pocket expense, and provide access to our one-of-a-kind Medical Billing Specialist to handle the coverage set up and provide assistance with all health-related claims.  These are unmatched benefits over Cobra health plans that many families and individuals are choosing instead.  We are Health Insurance 2.0. A preferred Alternative to Cobra

Health Insurance Options For Those On Cobra

When an employee leaves their employer, most will consider their options with Cobra.  Cobra is the continued coverage from an employer that is available at the full price, or the price that the employer pays before the employee deduction.  This premium is at least double the amount the employee was paying as an employer, and likely higher if they are insuring family members.  We can save 20% over a cobra plan and offer benefits above and beyond Cobra insurance.  We are Health Insurance 2.0! Health Insurance Options for those on Cobra

Interview with Carolyn Tee - Adaptation to the hybrid workforce

  In this podcast, we interview Carolyn Tee with Heartland Financial and discuss the importance of small and medium-sized businesses/enterprises (SMEs) being able to adapt to the sudden arrival of the hybrid workforce.  Without adapting and responding to these changes, many SMEs will struggle in growing their business for the long term.  Thanks for listening! Listen to the Podcast

Interview with Michael Schwartz, President of Health Karma

  On this exclusive podcast, we interview Michael Schwartz at Health Karma regarding the recent changes within the newly evolved health insurance platform.  Listen as we discuss pivotal changes within customized health insurance plans.  Open enrollment is right around the corner and the new standard has arrived.   Podcast with Michael Schwartz at Health Karma
Know Your Rights as  a  Patient   As a patient, you are entitled to  certain rights within the healthcare system. These rights stem from the ethical practice of medicine and basic human rights.  Below are some of the rights you  should keep in mind  as a patient.    The Right  t o  B e  T reated  w ith  R espect Regardless of a patient’s  age, religion, race, financial status, or health challenges.  All patients should expect to be treated with respect and without discrimination .   The Right to Obtain Your Medical Records ​ Having access to your medical records can help you make the most informed decision about your healthcare.  Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) . Patients have the right to access their medical record , apart from psychotherapy notes   ( Your medical records ,  2020) .  A p atient may also designate a personal representative access to their medical record.  Your provider may charge for copying your medical records, but they