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New Podcast Series: The workplace evolution of the remote employee - Episode 1

Here is a link to our new podcast series, The workplace evolution of the remote employee.   On this podcast, we interview a middle management consultant, John Thalheimer with True Star Leadership, and discuss the workplace phenomenon and integration of remote employees.  We discuss day-to-day operations and how to integrate employee benefits to accommodate these new employees.   What kind of culture will companies need to adapt to?  How can the employee feel like a part of the team without the water-cooler talk or being able to ask the next desk over how things are there as a new employee?  These are just a couple of the subjects that need to be discussed with HR and administrative personnel when onboarding off-site employees.  We are Health Insurance 2.0! Please stay tuned for more information on this subject.     Episode 1 of the new series

Challenges of remote employees and group health plans

  Moving forward, most companies will be adding remote employees to their workforce. Without the right structure and support, employer benefits like group health will continue to be a challenge for administrative roles. Implementing the right platform is the key to a successful transition  of remote employee benefits. Download the case study on remote employees Contact us to learn more on how to effectively provide total support for remote employees.  We are Health Insurance 2.0 !

A true solution to administrative group health support

  The #1 reason group health administrators struggle stems from the added time in assisting employees with medical claim issues.  We have a solution that will save time for administrators as well as improving employee morale.  See the link below.  We are Health Insurance 2.0! Download here