Health Insurance 2.0 represents an elevation of benefits and coverage for Group Health plans.  This platform is specifically designed to address many of the issues that are present in traditional group plans.  
Here are some of the ways we can improve a group plan by upgrading it to Health Insurance 2.0
  • Medical Billing Specialist  A dedicated specialist will assist with setting up new coverage with doctor’s, medical facilities and dentists which eliminates the confusion and frustration that often comes when employees want to use their health insurance.
  • Unlimited Telemedicine  Telemedicine visits are more convenient and safer when dealing with a pandemic.  On demand visits right on a smartphone ensure that valued employees will always have medical care just a few taps away.
  • Concierge Claims Service  A complimentary claims specialist is available to fix and resolve any inaccurate or misfiled claims.  Eliminate the frustration and time that is wasted by employees and human resources when it comes to administering their health coverage.
  • Customized Coverage  CustomInsured’s unique approach provides companies the opportunity to customize their coverage based on specific employee needs.  One size fit all plans do not offer the best benefits when dealing with a large group of employees.
  • Healthcare Bluebook  Look up the reviews of any doctor or facility before going in for a surgery or visit.  Healthcare Bluebook also provides fair market pricing for medical procedures and surgeries, which insulates companies and employees from receiving extreme medical bills.


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